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​Department information

Design Department

I am mainly in charge of ORIGOO characters and designs.

[Main business contents]

・ Production of ORIGOO original characters

・ Design and production of ORIGOO original products

・ Customer-requested design production

-Production of banners and announcement images used for online shops and SNS These are all produced and managed by our own designers.

Product Production Planning Department

From stuffed animals to clothes, we carry out commercialization work in cooperation with designers and factories.

[Main business contents]
・ Management of cost accounting, product specifications, production schedule, quality, delivery, etc.

Information management department

We manage the official homepage and online shop site.

[Main business contents]

・ Setting product prices and creating product images

・ Management of SNS accounts

・ Public relations, marketing

・ Responding to inquiries and requests from customers

Product sales department

It sells products, manages store reservations, and manages in-store displays.

The staff is closest to the customer, so we hope that the customer will enjoy shopping.

We try to have a pleasant interior and a pleasant customer service.

[Main business contents]

・ Product sales at stores

・ Store reception reservation management

・ In-store display

・ SNS account management for each store

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